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:: About Moi ::


Name:  Maria

Nicknames:  Astarra, MisKitty, KimSu, Doozy

Birthday:  May 9, 1965

Born in:  Madrid, Spain

City/State you live in:  Orlando, FL USA

Boy/Girlfriend:  Oh yeah, 10 years now


Ice Cream:  Strawberry Cheesecake

Food:  New York Strip Steak

Dessert:  Strawberry Cheesecake

Vegetable:  Green Beans

Fruit:  Tangerine

Candy:  Mars Bar

Beverage:  Crystal Light Strawberry Kiwi

Movie:  Any of The Star Wars, Star Treks (EXCEPT V!!), & Real Genius

Channel:  Animal Planet, PBS, Discovery, & A&E

T.V Show:  Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Charmed, & Survivor

Season:  Fall

Animal:  Cat & dog, but I LOVE ALL animals!

Country:  USA

Brand of clothing:  Venezia

Clothing Store:  Ross

Band/Group:  Elton John

Song:  Skyline Pigeon

Playground Equipment:  Swings

Color:  Emerald green, & purple

Thing To Wear:  Jeans & t-shirts

Jewelry To Wear:  Claddaugh ring

Place To Be:  Barefoot Bay Florida!

Sport to watch:  Gymnastics

Sport to play:  None - Not a team player ;)

Number:  713

Flower:  Tulips, daffodills, & Iris


Dream Car:  Honda CRV

Career/Family:  Graphic and web designer, maybe kids

Where are you going to live:  Florida, it's home.

Are you ever going to marry:  I've been married once, it's over rated.

Do you want to have kids:  Maybe?

Where do you see yourself in 5 years:  I honestly couldn't say.

Where do you see your self in 10 years:  See answer above.


Dated one of your best friends?  Yes

Loved somebody so much it makes you cry?  Yes

Drank alcohol?  Yes

Done drugs?  Mildly

Broken the law?  Yes

Run away from home?  Yes

Broken a bone?  No

Cheated on a test?  No

Skinny dipped?  Yes

Played Truth Or Dare?  Yes

Flashed someone?  Yes

Mooned Someone?  No

Kissed someone you didn't know?  Yes

Been on a talk show/Game show?  Yes, a game show. Let's Make A Deal

Been in a fight?  Yes

Ridden in a fire truck?  No

Been on a plane?  Yes

Come close to dying?  Yes

Given someone a piggy back/shoulder ride?  No

Eaten a worm/mud pie?  No

Kissed Someone?  Yes

Swam in the ocean?  Yes

Had a nightmare/dream that made you wake up?  Yes


The most embarrassing CD in your collection?  Songs of the 70's.

Your bedroom like?  King sized bed, nightstand, computer desk and computer, dresser, table with scanner on it, lamp on nightstand. All done in country blue, with daisy comforter and sheet set.

Your favorite thing for breakfast?  Sausage, eggs, & grits.

Your favorite thing for lunch?  Soup and salad.

Your favorite thing for dinner?  New York Strip Steak.

Your house like?  Plain. It is mostly functional with some extraordinary artwork done by my best friend Susan.

Your favorite Restaurant?  The Olive Garden

Your religion, if any?  Christian


Coke or Pepsi?  Coke

Oranges or apples?  Oranges

One pillow or two?  4

Deaf or blind?  Deaf - I couldn't handle not being able to read

Pools or hot tubs?  Hot Tubs, warm and soothing!

Blondes or brunettes?  Redheads!

Tall or short?  VERY tall!

TV or radio?  TV

Bike or Rollerblades?  Bike

Dress or Skirt?  Dress, I guess

T-shirt or Tank top?  T-Shirt

Chips or Popcorn?  Popcorn

Cookies or Cake?  Cake

Movies or T.V:  TV

Telephone or T.V:  TV

McDonalds or Burger King:  Neither, yuck, except BK breakfast is good.

Dairy Queen or TCBY:  DQ all the way baby!!

Beach or Pool:  Pool, nothing alive in the pool!

Movie Theater or Rent:  Theater if on a weekday, Rent if lots of people will be out

Garage Sales or Thrift Store:  Garage sales

Wal-Mart or Target:  Walmart

Internet or Phone:  Internet

E-mail or Snail Mail:  E-mail - Less waste, and easier!

Day or Night:  Night

Big or Small Envelopes:  Small

Swing or Slide:  Swing!


A Vegetarian?:  Uh, no. (See New York Strip Steak above!)

Good At Sports?:  Nope.

A good Actor/Actress?  Used to be.

A deep sleeper?:  Yes, pretty much.

A Good Dancer?:  Yes.

Shy?: Yes, mostly.

Outgoing?:  No.

A good storyteller?:  Not bad.


Enjoy parks?  Yes

Like Picnics?  Yes

Like School?  Never did appreciate it.

Like the color pink?  Yes

Collect anything? Crystal and china

Like to sing?  Yes.

Like to shop?  Yes.

Like to Party?  Not anymore.

Get in trouble a lot?  Not anymore.

Wear make-up?  A little.

Chew your food before swallowing?  DUH! YES


Living Arrangement:  I live with my boyfriend and our cat and dog.

What's on your mouse pad?  Don't use one.

Favorite Board Game:  Scrabble.

Favorite Magazines:  Womans Day, Martha Stewart Living, Southern Living.

Favorite Smells:  Anything fruity.

Favorite Sounds:  Nature, non-human sounds.

Worst Feeling in the World:  Helplessness!!

What is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning?:  Coffee, must get coffee!!

Roller Coaster:  Out of the question!

How many rings before you answer the phone?:  2 or 3.

Future daughter's name:  Mary Elizabeth (If I ever had a child)

What's the most important thing in life?:  Learning and growing spiritually, and helping others in any way you can.

Chocolate or Vanilla?:  Vanilla ice cream, and chocolate anything else!

Favorite Alcoholic Drink:  margarita, vodka martini

What is your zodiac sign?:  Taurus

Do you eat the stems of broccoli?:  Sure!

If you could have any job you wanted what would it be?:  Elton John's personal companion!

Is the glass half-full or half-empty?:  Half empty, because I drink so much all the time! I will refill it when it is half empty. :o)

What's under your bed?:  cat hair, and probably the cat.

Are your parents still together?:  Yes, 45 years now, they are the perfect match! I love them both soooo much!! :o)

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